Surfing Equipment for Sale in North Myrtle Beach, SC

62 x 19 12 x 2 58 good shape no leaks with leash
Kelly Richards 510. 3 years old but not ridden much. Few bumps but water tight. Email for details, must pickup around myrtle
We have a good bit of used boards in stock. Here are some of them that will work for any type surfer. Check them out stop by the surf shop and grab one. If you are curious about our new board selection we have those posted with pics as well just scroll down. We carry sizes from 50 on to 90. Our Board Brands are Kechele, Orion, Solid and Maya Surf Boards. Used Boards Picture 1 50 Perfection 250....
Bing SunfishTint is called Ice Blue5 x 10Glassed on keel fins Perfect condition, only ridden a hand full of times
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